There is nothing nicer than living in Oklahoma with people that believe in our freedoms and protect our gun rights. There are people in other states having their rights taken away every day in the name of their safety.  It really comes down to the wishes of a few that have for years been trying to topple the great freedoms that we as a free people enjoy.  It bothers others that we are happy.   We are proud to live in Oklahoma, the land of the free.   

In Oklahoma you can actually afford to own land to shoot on.   There is nothing in this world more enjoyable than going out to your property, early in the morning, taking out your ATF registered Colt M16, popping in a Beta C-MAG and ripping off a few burst for no other reason other than you can, because there is not a law that says that you can not.  

Oklahoma is still the land of the free, we love this state, and we hope it stays pristine and is not destroyed by people that feel like they are doing us all a favor by creating laws to help us.. 

And now for some full Auto fun, why? 

Why not! 

It is legal in the gun free states, who are a member of our United States of America!

If full auto firearms bother you, do not watch this video, it contain full auto content.

About Us

Mark's Firearms

We at Mark’s Firearms realize the sacrifices solders who are, or were on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan make every day, we support them in every way we can.

Mark’s Firearms is a business under Mark Q Holland Enterprises LLC, which is registered with the State of Oklahoma’s Secretary of State and with the Oklahoma Tax Commission. In addition Mark’s Firearms holds a Type 07 - Manufacturer of Firearms other than Destructive Devices, SOT Special Occupational Tax, Federal Firearms License granted by the Department of Treasury-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Many people refer to Title II firearms (Silencers, SBR, SBS, and Machine Guns) as Class 3 firearms or weapons. The Class 3 terminology is generally used with a dealer license and not a type of weapon but a license. SOT means special occupational tax and refers to the tax due upon transfers of items restricted by the NFA ( Generally $200 except for AOWs which have a tax of only $5)

If you purchase a Title II firearm from a dealer or individual out of your state, you will need to use a class 3 transfer agent to move the items across state lines. If you purchase from an individual within your state then no transfer agent is required.

The Managing member of Mark’s Firearms is Mr. Mark Q. Holland.  Collecting, buying, selling, trading, and working on weapons his entire life, Mark has learned about different weapons through experience.   Constantly doing research to know what is new, what is on the horizon and keeping up with the weapons industry Mark has a background in, metallurgy with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, technology,  mechanics, education and engineering.   He also feels the need to help the customer learn about all safety devices on weapon's being purchased and safe ways of using them.  Mark's desire to provide collectors and enthusiast with the highest quality weapons, is what has made his business such a success.

Mark’s Firearms goal is to provide the collector or enthusiast with accurate and correct information on products and supplies. In addition Mark’s Firearms will deal with the customer in a professional manner and provide a level of service unparalleled in the firearms industry today.